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I Collaborator SamePage APIs allow for integration into most existing software.- MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, ILM Systems, Document Management System, PLM, ERP, SFA, CRM, etc...
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Unique Selling Proposition

When all is said and done the question remains
Why I Collaborator?
Bullet I Collaborator SamePage is a powerful yet lean application framework
Bullet I Collaborator SamePage meets the tough enterprise security standards
Bullet I Collaborator SamePage helps with regulatory compliance
Bullet I Collaborator SamePage is extensible with its API’s
Bullet I Collaborator SamePage creates a pervasive computing environment for organizations
Bullet I Collaborator SamePage is presence aware, knows where the users are and their communication preferences
What is the I Collaborator Value Proposition?
I Collaborator SamePage bring together disparate communications channels such as text messaging, telephony, document collaboration, conferencing, workspaces, virtual groups, and far more. All this with reduced outlay in managing server administration, security and compliance
Bullet I Collaborator SamePage enhance productivity
Bullet I Collaborator SamePage is packed with innovations that futurize organizations
Bullet Feature-for-feature, most no other collaboration platform can match the power of I Collaborator SamePage
Bullet Guaranteed Business Continuity
Please write to us for detail discussion regarding I Collaborator USP or Enterprise Trail.
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