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I Collaborator SamePage provide credible and powerful solutions covering key business areas. I Collaborator SamePage provide sweeping capabilities, yet it is not a monolithic application. The modular I Collaborator SamePage is made up of independent and reusable components that can be integrated into any core enterprise application.
 Secure Messaging
 Secure Collaboration
 Secure Application Sharing
 Secure Conferencing
 Secure Voice & VoIP
 Business Continuity
 API level Integration
Secure Messaging
User based demands in an enterprise abound, but business managers need to live with repercussions either way – if they disallow all the gray area applications, it could lead to loss of business. If they do allow the gray area applications, then it gives rise to legal issues with regulatory compliance and creates a gaping hole in the security. There is a leading financial brokerage company with 20,000 brokers using public messengers without restraint to communicate with a substantial part of their two million customers, who use public IM's. No security and compliance manager would or could block this insecure medium of communications without bringing down the house. The managers are aware of the severe consequences that await them, but they are bound by the need of the time, which is to communicate with the customer by use of a medium preferred by the customer. I Collaborator SamePage is inherently secure, providing encrypted communications that are logged for Regulatory Compliance. I Collaborator SamePage provides API's for integration with Enterprise Applications & Storage & ILM Applications.
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Secure Collaboration
Exigencies of business demand more. I Collaborator SamePage provides a highly fortified environment for Document Collaboration, Whiteboard Collaboration, Collaboration and broadcast of Flash and PowerPoint presentations, etc. The security measures in Collaboration include logging of all actions & communications, IP addresses of users, encrypted exchanges, etc. I Collaborator SamePage Collaboration can help enhance productivity.
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Secure Application Sharing
Sharing of applications is an enticing option but there have been issues to technology, etc. I Collaborator SamePage incorporates Application Sharing in two flavors – both secure. One is collaborative sharing of applications such as Flash, MS Office and Whiteboard. Remote Desktop Sharing is another mode of application sharing.
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Secure Conferencing
Conferencing is a key component in I Collaborator SamePage. This is what helps businesses achieve savings in cost and enhance productivity. I Collaborator SamePage converges critical aspects of face-to-face communications. Voice, Document Collaboration, Interactive Presentations, Whiteboard & Video (upcoming) make this an application that comes closest to replicating real-life sensory environment, creating the most positive meeting environment. Functionality in the Meeting Manager includes the ability to hold ad-hoc conferences, create pre-scheduled conferences and presentation of conference transcripts to the Host for summarizing the Minutes of Meetings. The conference host can allocate host rights to other for a specific function (say Flash presentations) or transfer the host rights entirely. This is suitable for press conferences where presenters may be geographically dispersed. Conferencing in I Collaborator SamePage is secure with all communications being logged for audit and compliance. All messages and file transfers are encrypted.
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Secure Voice & VoIP
The path to IP voice migration is inevitable. Even if an organization is tethered to legacy telephones, its customers or partners may not be. Fortunately there is efficient bridging and this does not pose an issue. VoIP is proving to be the fastest growing segment in communications field, with VoIP subscribers set to outnumber PSTN subscriber by 2012. I Collaborator SamePage provides the first step for the enterprise foray into IP based voice. Our IP PBX is standards based and tightly integrated. This makes the use of voice communications intuitive and the application design makes it non-intrusive. Each user can be allocated a customizable Voice Attendant and Voice Mailbox that could be retrieved via a web interface. Where desired, all telephone calls made or received via I Collaborator SamePage can be recorded (the footprint for one hour of recording is just 1 MB), or just logs of users can be maintained. We provide a full-fledged IP PBX, with the ability to work with most any SIP compliant soft phone or a standard SIP hardware phone. The IP PBX can be integrated with existing legacy telephone systems to provide optimal leverage on investments in legacy systems. Click here to know more about our IP PBX
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Business Continuity
Although Contingency Planning is a critical requirement to recoup from catastrophic events, the planning, the chain of command and the processes often get outdate, primarily because – fortunately – catastrophic events do not occur often. I Collaborator SamePage can act as a leading-edge tool to recover from disruptions. Key managers will always be able to get onto the system, even if the servers are experiencing peak traffic loads. From within the I Collaborator SamePage environment, the managers can call, confer and communicate with other stakeholders such as partners, customers, etc.
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API level Integration
All businesses desire extensibility. In their investments I Collaborator SamePage is a standards based application framework and its modular architecture is robust. I Collaborator SamePage provides API's to help integrate its modules and functions into other enterprise applications.
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