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Most Enterprise-grade Instant messaging solutions today offer incremental advantages over previously known methods of communications, but do not leverage the underlying futuristic IP capability. While ‘bells-n-whistles’ are not appropriate for usage in the enterprise scenario, certainly many innovations can help enhance usability, therefore productivity and augment ROI of the investment in the enterprise systems. I Collaborator SamePage includes some features and capabilities that have not been available in Unified Communications tools. Some of the existing and upcoming thoughtful innovations in I Collaborator SamePage include...
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An upcoming innovation in I Collaborator SamePage mimics living organisms and its intrinsic perseverance for staying alive. When the server experiences stressful load increase, it starts to crimp less-critical functionality in a bid to survive the catastrophic event. For example, it will progressively shut down video services, then reduce the limit to file transfer size, etc. This ensures that the collaboration and communications system lives up to its promise of being a key component to ensure Business Continuity.
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While many systems survive initial surge, they tend to be used to the limit when chaos strikes. This makes it difficult for the decision-makers to come in and mitigate the impact of the disaster.
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The devil is in the details! Many meetings go undocumented, and this often leads to users scrambling to refresh the details of understanding arrived at during meetings. Details of all conferences held in I Collaborator SamePage are retained and the host of the conference is presented the entire transcript at the end of the conference. The host my edit the content and summarize the Minutes of Meetings and send it out to the desired contacts via email or I Collaborator SamePage.
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Sessions Transfer is a futuristic capability that is being built for I Collaborator SamePage. Leveraging the sessions oriented communications architecture and standards based implementation, The Sessions Transfer innovation allows a desk-bound user, when moving out of the office, to transfer, in real-time, the ongoing conference to a PDA transparently and without having to disrupt the meeting or log off the system. This will ultimately allow for transfer of voice sessions as well.
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There is hardly a user in the business world that does not scramble for reference information, when information is required to be pulled together. In the olden days the scramble was in the filing cabinets, today that happens on individual computers and networks. The types of communications and data and the frequency of its generation is getting beyond control. I Collaborator SamePage can allow threading a voicemail message an instant messaging chat exchange and a Word document to a virtual folder. There is no complexity of having to create redundant copies of the same communications, just a simple right-click and “thread this” function.
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Being able to compute, collaborate and communicate is an enormous undertaking that is being discussed, debated and worked on by industry leaders and innovative companies. Many of the aspirations of contextual computing will remain unrealized until standardization takes hold; in the interim many innovations in the space are possible The first steps that I Collaborator SamePage includes is presence information of users, context menus (on desktop, MS Office, webpage and file browser) allow for users to collaborate via I Collaborator SamePage from within the application they are on. Future capabilities could alert users to presence of author of a document, show presence and status of editors of the document and present a list of related documents (an accompanying PowerPoint presentation, for example). These are technically feasible today but the naming standards amongst users are not standardized and therefore pose a challenge.
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Integration of enterprise email systems can presence-enable email systems, which is an asynchronous mode of communication. Additionally, this can allow for full utility of the threading functionality.
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I Collaborator SamePage is an IP based system, we also provide an optional IP PBX system that bridges into legacy telephony systems via routers and TDM cards. The softphone provided enables users to make calls from their desktop computers, set their own forwarding rules remotely, access their voice mails via a browser interface, an much more. From an administrative perspective, this integration help meet with regulatory compliance rules, from within a secure environment. From a usability perspective, users can leverage threading capability provided in I Collaborator SamePage, allow for transfer of voice session.
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