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ROI Study

Financial Benefits - TCO & ROI
With I Collaborator's inherent logging capability, compliance spend-per-employee can be lowered.
Reduced Compliance Spend
I Collaborator is conducive for virtual meetings. I Collaborator supports Text Chat, Whiteboard, Video, Multi-party Conferences, MS Office collaboration and much more - all in real-time. The Meeting Manager also helps create Minutes Of Meeting. The I Collaborator environment could be considered as the closest alternative to face-to-face meetings and non-critical meetings or follow-on sessions could be facilitated via I Collaborator.
Integrate & Futurize
I Collaborator can be integrated with MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, to create a unified communications environment. An upcoming version of I Collaborator will allow seamless integration with web services; this will enable interactions with or via web portals. For example, customers of a financial brokerage can avail of real-time stock alerts via a web portal to their cell phones or PDA's, and these alerts can be logged onto I Collaborator. I Collaborator can allow users to react to those alerts. When I Collaborator is interfaced with trading systems, users can execute their orders wherever they may be, using whatever device.
The future of I Collaborator will allow for incorporation of its 'presence awareness' into various enterprise applications; and integration into IP based telephony systems, bridging the gap between voice and data in the most manageable and affordable manner. A native Document Management System (DMS) is being built for I Collaborator. This can be replaced by most any DMS an organization may be using. Fully integrated, I Collaborator can 'thread' communications. For example, a chat with a customer can be threaded to the customer folder without having to physically save a copy of the transcript in the documents folder.
Storage & Archival
I Collaborator stores all communication and action logs on the I Collaborator server. These logs can then be archived as per the organizations policy. All archival facilities are based on current standards set by regulatory agencies. Archival can be manual or rule-based.
Enhanced Productivity
With a high level of base functionality and the capability to integrate deeper into an organization, I Collaborator enhances employee productivity. Typical productivity is enhanced by spending less time in travel to meetings, searching for prior references, using multiple applications to communicate (Instant Messenger for chat, email client for email and document transfers, etc). Many of these mundane tasks make users weary and negatively impact productivity.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
I Collaborator has been planned to reduce TCO for organizations. Some of the factors that help reduce it are:
Use MS Exchange, Lotus Notes Or I Collaborator As A Standalone
I Collaborator incorporates pertinent measures for user management, data storage, etc. Organizations that already own other systems can integrate I Collaborator into it. Where not owned, I Collaborator does not demand such extra investments as most Enterprise Instant Messaging or Teamwork application vendors do.
I Collaborator provides version upgrades on quarterly anniversary. In-version updates are provided as available and are bundled into the major version upgrade. This streamlined upgrade process reduces MIS costs in managing applications. All updates and upgrades are sent to the organization for distribution. System Administrators decide if to allow for updates to be provided by the IT departments or have users update their versions. Where allowed, users may upgrade the client with a simple click on the 'Yes' button. No reconfigurations or complex installations.
Improved Return On Investments (ROI)
With average employee costs to the employer in the US hitting an average of $ 41,000, businesses need to garner greatest productivity of each employee. For every hour an employee spends being non productive (traveling to a meeting, working on compliance, updating a system, etc), the lost productivity costs businesses averages about $ 50 an hour, and more in many industries. These productivity values demand the organizations deploy systems and applications that provide well-rounded capability in helping the employee exceed these expectations.
There are tools that help enhance user productivity - say a typical Enterprise Instant Messaging system, some of those that are not well planned would require additional employment for compliance monitoring and reporting, or for planning data archival, or managing data, etc. I Collaborator has been planned to provide well-rounded benefits - both in terms of cost of ownership and in its ROI impact.
I Collaborator is an affordable deployment with a low TCO. Just about 3-minutes of improved productivity per user per day will realize a full ROI of investments in I Collaborator within 180-days or less, with continuing benefits directly accruing to the bottom line. We can help prepare a systematic ROI study for your organization. Please contact us for more information.
We are working on creating communication 'gateways' to public IM's
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