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 Audit Trail
 Chinese Walls
 Regulatory Reporting
Introduction to Regulatory Compliance
“More than 8,500 state and federal regulations concern records management in the United States” Several modes of modern-day communications tools such as Instant Messengers, IP telephony, do not allow effective hooks to capture information and communications required for regulatory reporting, nonetheless these are widely used in the enterprise due to simplicity of use and the usage of these by their customers, partners and colleagues. I Collaborator SamePage integrates these desired communications capabilities, and these help businesses comply with a variety of regulatory requirements. Many countries are implementing guidelines and laws that require businesses to comply with certain standards to ensure corporate governance. These have come in fast and furious since the dotcom bust, 9/11 on the premise for security, corporate governance, stake holder safety, etc – just legislating the age-old concerns of investors. The base requirements of these guidelines and laws include how communications are managed (from the administrative perspective), accessed, viewed and stored. Some of these necessitate reporting to the regulatory authorities. Some of the laws and guidelines that impact most large businesses and require reporting and archiving include SEC, NASD, HIPAA, SOX, Gramm-Leach Bailey, etc.
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I Collaborator SamePage logs and locks all communications with a timestamp to allow for audit and to help with Regulatory Compliance reporting. This silo of information can be connected to existing Regulatory Compliance application as well as Storage and Archival systems. Logging of communications includes text chats, voice communications, file transfers, minuets of meetings, administrative actions, etc.
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Audit Trail
A detailed audit trail encompassing all communications carried out via I Collaborator SamePage can be constructed. Audit trails are often required in defending lawsuits and can save a significant amount for each case of reconstructing communication trails.
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I Collaborator SamePage stores all the logs which can then be archived using existing archival systems and integrated with your ILM applications.
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Chinese Walls
Compliance guidelines mandate Chinese Walls for many types of businesses. Chinese Walls create walls between users that does not allow them to communicate with each other, mitigating chances of collusion between employees to the detriment of the enterprise stake holders. Other than threats of hacking, etc, collusion has been found to be a key factor in compromising the sanctity of the enterprise. I Collaborator SamePage incorporates Chinese Walls, this to aid in Regulatory Compliance with respect to Corporate Governance guidelines and laws. Our Chinese Wall extends to include voice communications as well as text and any other type of collaboration.
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Regulatory Reporting
Businesses are required to provide reports and stored logs to the regulating agency. I Collaborator SamePage categorizes the information which can be presented in custom templates or can be exported to the reporting tool.
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I Collaborator SamePage provides unparalleled extensibility and integration options and this can help achieve your unique needs for Regulatory Compliance.
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