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About Us

I Collaborator is a division of Infynita Inc. a privately held New York software technologies and services entity. Infynita commenced in 1999 under previous avatars.
I Collaborator SamePage traces its roots back to 2004 when we were asked to look under the hood and integrate a whiteboard into a public IM. The ensuing period was filled with R&D, understanding the ‘space’ and the shortcomings in competing solutions. We believe I Collaborator SamePage can now be weighed against with most any solution.
Success is always about mettle and about perseverance; it is not about blind following of mission, rather of fitting into the given form. The people listed here are the architects of what we are today, but success is attributed to mostly every person that has been associated with us along the time. We survived the tough times based on a holistic approach, while addressing the pain-points; we have always looked at the larger picture - to the benefit of all the stakeholders!
As we grow, we will need people that can help us meet the needs of our customers, partners and investors. Our need for proven managers, particularly for those willing to work to ' make it happen ' is growing; in the US and elsewhere. If you know someone that meets the profile, tell them about us !
Hasan Khimjee - Founder  Hasan is a serial entrepreneur, having been a part of businesses in the United States, Spain, India, East Africa and the Philippines. Prior to founding Infynita & Speech Desk Inc, Hasan co founded Liberty Watch Company in New York in 1988 and went on to becoming an important vendor of timepieces and writing instruments to leading department stores in the US. These successes lead to Hasan being awarded the exclusive and worldwide rights to manufacture and distribute exquisite timepiece and writing instruments designed by Paolo Gucci of Gucci and the grandson of the founder of Gucci.
Jal Alidina - Co-Founder  Jal is more measured in his analytical approach. Prior to co-founding E.Com USA Inc., Jal was the Chief Accountant for Saab-Scania division in Tanzania and later on started his own company for 16 years in Architectural Signage specializing in US Federal, State and City Projects. Jal has been instrumental in optimizing resources within limited budget of a start-up. Jal has Bachelor's Degree in Accounting.
Amit Padwal - VP-Group Delivery  Amit has been with us since our founding. He is the mark of stability in the turbulent IT world and has the capacity to absorb an incredible amount of information and knowledge. Amit has taken the interest, even when he was a junior developer, to gather a working knowledge of the areas and technologies the company was involved in. It was not unusual to find Amit having spent the night at the office, but we know of an instance when he did not leave the premises for 72 hours! Amit graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering with specialization in Instrumentation from the North Maharashtra University in India in 1999.
Sanjit Kumar - VP-International Business Development & Key Account  Sanjit has been an especially valuable addition to our marketing team. Sanjit realigned our entire marketing approach and has helped the company gain better visibility. Sanjit works with the partners that come aboard and helps them with understand the company, its culture - humanizing the company. Sanjit has been unyielding in getting the company to ' work local, think global and this is helping establish business relations in markets that may not have come into the scope for a long time. Sanjit passed out as an Honor student of St. Xavier's College with Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and then went to do MBA with Systems & Finance in Bombay, India.
Infynita Inc is a privately held entity, and it is privately funded. We may sometimes seek funding for enhanced marketing or acquisition. If you are interested in funding, you may write to
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