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Functional Overview

I Collaborator SamePage Functional Overview
I Collaborator SamePage is multi-modal, enterprise-grade instant messaging platform compatible with consumer messaging and SpeechDesk technology platform.
I Collaborator SamePage as an integration platform is designed to allow interoperability between diverse collaborative and PIM (OTGo) tools through the real-time awareness of people, places and events enabling it for remote access via cellular and landline telephones, PDA’s, web browsers, Blackberry, etc.
I Collaborator SamePage provides system wide security of varying strengths depending on the application scenario and is capable of addressing issues of an organization having non-integrated communication tools and their inherent security risks they present.
All actions and communication between I Collaborator SamePage users is logged, this allows for SEC grade logging and auditing which is now legally required. Future version of I Collaborator SamePage will provide ‘gateways’ to major public messengers such as AIM (AOL), MSN, Yahoo! etc.
I Collaborator SamePage features
  • Security – Incorporates MD-5 grade security and capable of integrating RSA, DES and other security and encryption standards; Admin security via a powerful administrative control to provide user-level access rights, and maintains comprehensive audit trails and logs. Security features are user transparent.
  • Auditing – Incorporates SEC grade logging.
  • File Transfer – Rule-based file transfer functionality – business and access rules set by Administrator. Capable of point-to-point encryption for secure transfer.
  • Presence Management and Notification – Can announce Presence at logon and configurable by administrator to manage visibility. Combination of PIM (in an upcoming version) and Notification provides powerful communication opportunities Can Set PIM Notifier to announce login of person you wish to have an IM session with, or Send a broadcast for a conference to a specific person.
  • E-mail – I Collaborator SamePage can be integrated with mail servers and MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.
  • Integration – Designed to feature an applications window that allows plug-in for applications and databases for remote processing via devices, making the enterprise knowledgebase pervasive.
  • Collaboration – I Collaborator SamePage platform incorporates the following collaborative tools which are shared by all conference participants:
    • White board
    • Presentation window with user controllable Flash and PowerPoint demos
    • Document viewer for MS Office applications
    • Video and/or Voice Conferencing and Chat
    • VoloView Express plugin for AuotCAD® collaboration
    • Flash® presentations with book-marking functionality
  • Custom applications can be built into the applications window.
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Examples of applications:
  • Robust Enterprise messaging
    • Business continuity option
  • Stock traders’ application (by leveraging presence awareness)
  • Distance learning uses
  • Helpdesk tool
  • Travel industry application
Feature List
  • Secure native instant messaging
  • Secure multiple-user chat
  • Secure file transfer
  • Buddy lists
  • Full-featured chat window, including emoticons, inline images and text formatting
  • Saving and local logging of chats
  • Robust failover system
  • E-mail forwarding of offline messages
The architecture and administration tools facilitate tracking and secure performance. Unlike the regular instant messaging tools, I Collaborator SamePage gives enterprises complete control over the instant messaging process with full logging of all pertinent data.
  • Users can authenticate against the I Collaborator SamePage database, NT domains or LDAP
  • User names properties can be set by the administrator
  • Logging of client events on local server, such as login-logout times, date/time of each message and file transfers
  • Detailed, customizable log handling
The I Collaborator SamePage Client
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The I Collaborator SamePage client combines the convenience features of consumer-grade instant messaging with many tools to facilitate secure communication across a wide range of systems. I Collaborator SamePage offers:
  • Secure native instant messaging. Authorized participants can communicate instantly within a user-transparent security system that utilizes encryption and secure servers that are housed safely within the enterprise.
  • Secure multiple-user chat. Participants can instantly set up ad-hoc group meetings in a few mouse clicks. I Collaborator SamePages’ intuitive user-interface enables most users to master its full feature set within a matter of minutes.
  • Secure multiple-user e-mail. I Collaborator SamePage extends instant messaging to e-mail, so that chat sessions can be augmented by e-mail with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Secure file transfer. I Collaborator SamePage provides a simple, secure and documented means for file transfer. Client-server, server-client communication is encrypted.
  • V Team. Virtual teams to be easily created on-the-fly so that each individual’s view of participants can be organized in logical groups.
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The I Collaborator SamePage Server
I Collaborator SamePage requires minimal administrative overhead to install and maintain.
The server side features include:
Administration Tools
I Collaborator SamePage servers include an administration console for all of its configuration options, allowing systems managers to easily configure and maintain the application from remote locations. This includes all server options, extensive logging options, user account administration, bridge configuration, and the review and analysis of the server’s logs. These logs can be configured to an organization’s security policy requirements.
I Collaborator SamePage is ‘Internet-friendly,’ using standard protocols to minimize modifications to supporting networking infrastructure, and is tunable to fit a wide range of network capacity and user responsiveness requirements.
I Collaborator SamePage can be easily configured to encrypt all communication between servers and between clients and servers. This allows sensitive information to be transmitted over insecure networks (e.g., the public Internet) while maintaining a high degree of information security and data integrity. I Collaborator SamePage provides authentication of identity using an internal username/password mechanism.
Packaged Installation
I Collaborator SamePages’ distribution media provides a straightforward, fully documented installation procedure that results in a functioning system with a minimum effort on the part of the installer.
Other Features
  • Powerful administrative controls
  • Also works within the existing security umbrella
  • Integration with external content providers possible (such as stock and news ticker)
  • VoIP capable – makes system accessible worldwide (Future version)
  • Supports Kenji, Chinese and Arabic characters
  • Will work with Palm OS, Windows CE and RIM Blackberry (Future version)
I Collaborator SamePage further provides…
  • Ability to demonstrate products and services to employees, customers
  • One-to-many and many-to-one audio/video conferencing
  • Secure file transfer
  • And more…
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