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Converge · Secure · Integrate · Enhance · Comply · Collaborate with I Collaborator SamePage
I Collaborator seeks dynamic partners specialized in their domains, and for them to enhance their customers’ experience leveraging our real time platform. The deployment of I Collaborator SamePage capability helps lower Total Cost of Ownership by enhancing capability of existing applications and improves ROI by means of simplified management and granular control.
There are myriad enterprise solutions that address the specialized collaboration and communications needs of organizations – and many of those are disparate and free-standing applications. The pandemonium is real – and it must be fairly common.
As service vendors, our partners will help organizations realize greater value from their business applications by simplifying their systems and create tangible benefits for them.
Interested in I Collaborator Partnership?
Read about our Partnering Overview and fill our Partnership Request Form
Partner Relevant Links
 Partnering Overview
 Innovations in I Collaborator SamePage
 I Collaborator SamePage Components
Areas of Integration
A vendor wanted to show a demo to a prospect – this was done over GoToMyMeeting - the applications that were running were GoToMyMeeting chat, Skype and the GoToMyMeeting application screen. Although the presenter navigated and handled all three applications with ease, the constant switching between applications had a weary impact on the prospect. Further, there was a gap in the voice communications as Skype terminated one of the participants.
While the demonstration went off favorably, there were critical issues from the perspective of the management.
  • Poor usability
  • Possible violation of regulatory compliance laws and guidelines
  • Possible breach of enterprise security
  • Extended effort and cost for MIS to set up the meeting; monitor the system and pursue minutes of meetings for Compliance.
With I Collaborator SamePage one unified environment can provide all the components used above - with greater usability, ensconced in security and with assured regulatory compliance.
I Collaborator SamePage is a real time framework that provides the functionality, security and enables integrators to integrate with most any enterprise application, or create ‘skinless’ solutions for their customer.
  • Integrate with any productivity application
  • Integrate with Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery systems
  • Integrate with Information Lifecycle Management systems for Regulatory Archival
  • Integrate with Email systems, Directory servers
  • Integrate with most any custom application or 3rd party software
  • Use as a core collaboration and communication system in enterprise setting
With I Collaborator SamePage, one can achieve all of the above with encrypted communications, in a secure environment and while ensuring full regulatory compliance with about 8,000 laws and guidelines that cover the enterprise world!
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If you are a systems integrator or service provider that selects best-of-breed technologies to provide value for your customers, then I Collaborator SamePage partner program is for you.
As a valued partner, you will receive sales, marketing, promotional and technical tools that help you with successful implementation of I Collaborator SamePage.
Partner Benefits:
Partnering Overview
 Lead Generation & Account Support
 Pilot Program
 Training & Support
 Sales Promotions
 Demo & Evaluation Licenses
 Case Studies / Success Stories
 Partner Signup
To discuss any aspect of the program write to us at and to join our partner program simply fill our Partner Application form.
 Lead Generation & Account Support
I Collaborator is proactive in lead generation. Our leads come from our online marketing efforts that include newsletters, email campaigns, online advertising, etc. Leads specific to I Collaborator in your area of operations will be automatically referred to you.
With prior agreement, we can help fashion a campaign specific to your area of operations. Your dedicated Partner Account Manager will work with you on these, which will include co-branded marketing collateral and newsletters.
 Pilot Program
For possible deployment of 100 or greater user licenses, I Collaborator may be open to the idea of a Pilot Program to achieve specific criteria agreed prior to formalization of the Pilot Program. The Pilot Program can include special pricing, customization support, special integration needs, etc. Please discuss your thoughts with the Partner Account Manager dedicated to ensure your success.
 Training & Support
I Collaborator has been designed to minimize technical pressures on your already stretched team. It has been planned for ease of installation and maintenance. We will provide any desired information/training/ support in areas of installation, integration, customization, troubleshooting, etc. A technical coordinator will be available 24x7 during installation and implementation of I Collaborator SamePage.
 Sales Promotions
From time to time, I Collaborator may offer special promotions to help bolster your sales. If you wish to design a special promotion in your area, feel free to discuss your thoughts with your dedicated Partner Account Manager.
 Demo & Evaluation Licenses
Once you become an I Collaborator partner, you will have the privilege of acquiring a discounted license for I Collaborator SamePage. This will support your business processes, help you get a feel of the installation and usage of I Collaborator SamePage. For demonstrating your customers; you can invite them into your network and provide them a controlled demonstration. For installing evaluation copy on your customers’ system, please discuss the option with your Partner Account Manager.
As a partner of I Collaborator, we take several measures to ensure visibility. We will issue press releases upon signing of partnership agreement and specific press releases at attaining certain milestones. We will provide you will I Collaborator logo for display on your website and display your company information on, driving more customers to your website.
 Case Studies & Success Stories
I Collaborator encourages and supports its partners in development of case studies that help highlight success stories in implementation of I Collaborator SamePage.
 Partner Signup
Please fill out our partnering form. Allow us about 7 business days to review the application. Our representative will get in touch with you to discuss further steps in finalization of the agreement.
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Enterprise applications do not have to be something users baulk at. They can be neat, functional, friendly and innovative. These innovations help differentiate your offerings to your customers and put you on a path to winning the deal.
There are numerous innovations built into I Collaborator SamePage, and more will be added from time to time. Some of the existing and upcoming innovations include:
 Sessions Transfer
Sessions Transfer is the ability to transfer an ongoing conference session to a PDA or another computer, or a laptop.
Innovations In I Collaborator Samepage
 Sessions Transfer
 Office Collaboration
 Critical Communications Channel
 Meeting Manager
 Secure Application Sharing
 Telephony & VoIP
 Office Collaboration
The most widely used productivity application often functions in isolation. While there may be applications that add some collaborative capability to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel &PowerPoint), I Collaborator SamePage come tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office Suite.
 Critical Communications Channel
Greatest barrier that managers faced in hours following 9/11 was the inability to get through on phones or their email accounts was due to extreme system loads. I Collaborator SamePage incorporates Critical Communications Channel which guarantees that will managers’ get through regardless of the system load.
 Meeting Manager
It is believed that about half the meetings are unrecorded, some of these may be telephonic conferences, Webex or conferences held using proprietary systems. Undocumented interaction with partners and customers often lead to people going back to work on the matter with different expectations. I Collaborator SamePage meetings have a Conference Name, and Agenda and, at the end of the meeting, Minutes of Meeting are generated. Meeting host can edit the Minutes and send it to the stakeholders.
 Secure Application Sharing
Other than the applications directly integrated, miscellaneous applications are shared by proactively secure VNC. Unlike many implementations of desktop sharing, I Collaborator SamePage incorporates proactive security, configurable timeouts, etc.
 Telephony & VoIP
A convergence of communications channel often lacks bringing the voice ecosystem into the fold. I Collaborator provides the ability to integrate POTS telephony with IP telephony, and that with I Collaborator SamePage, bringing the elusive voice ecosystem into the security fold and in reach of regulatory compliance.
Documents are relegated on desktops or into enterprise repositories. With I Collaborator SamePage users can create work groups in the Workspace and bring the participants on the ‘same page’. Security features include granular rights management that can assign rights to edit/download, etc. Workspace is accessible remotely and allows participants to publish documents into a conference for collaboration.
Emails, documents and voicemails related to a specific project have no simple way of being ‘tied’ to one another. I Collaborator SamePage will allow users to ‘thread’ documents to emails and even to voice mails into virtual folders.
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I Collaborator SamePage module license allows integrators to select components in their area of interest and specialization.
  • Presence & Availability - Real-time availability of users in any application
  • Security - Encryption, Intrusion detection, Anti Spam, Authentication, etc
  • Collaboration - Real-time collaboration with/from any application
  • Core Message Exchange - Secure, packetized message exchange
  • Collaborative Workspace - For integration with Document Management Systems
  • Telephony - Add IP Telephony capability into applications
  • Secure File Transfers - Add capability to send files securely from any application
I Collaborator SamePage Components
 Skinless Capability
 Example of Usage
Areas of Integration
I Collaborator SamePage can also be integrated into the “Context Menu” (as item seen in right-click of a mouse). This enhances usability.
 Skinless Capability
With I Collaborator SamePage API, integrators can create ‘skinless’ capabilities. Take file transfer integration as an example. Integrators can embed the capability to allow for secure file transfer in a CRM application. This can be invoked by either (a) Right click and show “Send file with…”, or select the option from the File menu, (b) A component plugs into Microsoft Office that allows user to collaborate via I Collaborator SamePage by clicking on an icon or by right clicking. This can be customized to plug into most any application.
 Example of Usage
A financial brokerage was using a commercially available messaging core for an application that communicated with the stock exchange. The messaging core was needed to send orders to the stock exchange and get the confirmation of the delivery, or receive messages from the stock exchange confirming a trade that was executed. However, due to a combination of inefficient design and implementation, an increasing number of the packets were getting lost and the stock exchange system was disregarding the order as an incomplete – the system had no mechanism to confirm the sanctity of the order sent. This was a critical failure in the system design.
I Collaborator SamePage messaging core uses standard practice to confirm delivery. For example, C sockets establish a secure connection, and delivery could be ensured by use of SIMPLE protocol. All threads are cleared once the message sanctity is verified, and this mitigates most any chance of spoofing.
I Collaborator SamePage has been built using custom sockets and coded in C#; this lends to an especially tight security core that I Collaborator SamePage possesses. The functional servers are discrete and can work independently of the others. All server components currently run on Microsoft .NET platform. A server runtime for Linux will be available in Q 2 of 2007.
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I Collaborator SamePage is available for modular licensing as well. You could integrate all or just integrate real-time Presence, real-time Availability, real-time Mobility, real-time Collaboration, real-time Core Messaging, real-time Manageability, Collaborative Workspace, Business Continuity, Telephony, and Secure File Transfers into …
  • Security, Compliance & ILM Systems
  • ERP, CRM & SFA Applications
  • Enterprise Productivity Solutions
  • Email & Directory Servers
  • PSTN, IP Telephony & VoIP
  • Document Management Systems
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Web Applications
  • And more…
Areas of Integration
 Security, Compliance & ILM Systems
 Email & Directory Servers
 PSTN, IP Telephony
 Document Management Systems
 Web & Browser Applications
 Security, Compliance & ILM Systems
Details in italics below excerpted from -
“Microsoft Corp's complicated unified communications product roadmap, unveiled with much fanfare recently, is missing an important component: regulatory compliance tools for VoIP and instant messaging, according to Avanade Inc, an Accenture-Microsoft joint venture…”
“…As LeSueur pointed out, legal departments already work with IT departments on getting emails during the legal discovery period of a lawsuit. Throw VoIP and instant messaging into the mix and IT managers will need new tools to respond to subpoena requests, LeSueur said.”
"Now that you bring voice messaging, potentially instant messaging into an archive, how does that fit under the legal model that needs access for discovery?" he said.
Avanade, which sells integration services for Microsoft enterprise platforms but does not conduct regulatory audits, believes that while unified communications will have a "positive impact from a pure IT standpoint," these governance issues will need to be worked out in the marketplace, LeSueur said.
"There are pockets of groups working on such tools ... around individual pieces of these technologies," LeSueur said. "But there's definitely a need for a more collective set of these tools that could go across the broader platform."
I Collaborator SamePage helps organizations maintain stringent security and assure compliance to most any standard of regulatory compliance. I Collaborator can be integrated with archival and ILM systems.
All communications and actions in I Collaborator SamePage take place in a secure environment are stored in an encrypted format.
I Collaborator SamePage also allows for capture of voice communications, creating the highest level of compliance capabilities.
While logs are viewable by server administrators, the actual encrypted communication transcripts cannot be decrypted or viewed by any entity other than the super system administrator. The data is decrypted when transferred to the archival system. This meets with most any regulatory compliance laws and guidelines.
Enhancement of Security & Compliance systems via I Collaborator SamePage
  • Bring Instant Messaging into the compliance fold as required
  • Secure communications with public messengers
  • Use existing archival software
  • Use existing security applications
  • Enforce Chinese Walls
  • Logs for compliance reporting
 ERP, CRM & SFA applications + Enterprise Productivity Solutions
ERP, CRM and SFA are core to many business processes, yet in many cases they function in an independent silo. For example, the leading ERP system may incorporate messaging (at extensive costs), but may not allow for effective collaboration from and within Microsoft Office, or Adobe Acrobat - applications widely used in most businesses.
I Collaborator SamePage exposes its API’s that will help developers integrate into most productivity softwares. All collaboration conducted thereafter will also bring them under the security and compliance umbrella that is core to I Collaborator SamePage.
Benefits in using I Collaborator SamePage with ERP, CRM & SFA applications
  • Simple addition of collaborative capabilities
  • Initiate text or voice communications from applications
  • Provide ability for real time alerts (‘Push’ capability to cellular devices)
  • Embed secure file sharing and transfer capabilities
  • Policy driven rights and rules
  • Media-rich conference with participants
 Email & Directory Servers
Email & directory servers have been an area of constant attacks by hackers, and protecting these is traumatizing. Further, many of the regulatory compliance and privacy-based laws explicitly ask for fortifying these areas. Operationally, this is a resource intensive task and the enterprise must also maintain records for audits in the even of lawsuits, which are growing in proportion of the ‘ambulance chasing, law firms - I Collaborator SamePage helps mitigate this.
In addition to the above, although email is so core to most every user, it often functions as a free-standing tool – this does not contribute to leveraging the fuller use of emails. Directory Servers hold critical user information and this is constantly under attack by spyware, Trojan horses, and phishing, etc.
When integrated into I Collaborator SamePage, security and compliance issues get a boost. The fully integrated collaboration & communications solution will use a common, existing, directory service, common security tools and work with existing archival tools. With email server integrated, users know the presence and availability of the participants and can initiate rich collaborative sessions from within their email.
Benefits in deploying I Collaborator SamePage with email & directory servers
  • Use existing email servers and email clients
  • Enhance security
  • Use existing security applications and devices
  • Extend use of directory services
  • Provide “presence” information to users
  • Initiate collaboration or text and voice from within users’ applications
 PSTN, IP Telephony & VoIP
One of the greater gains of Internet is the ability to carry voice over its IP network – this gives it the potential of becoming a pervasive network – always available, anywhere by use of any device capable of connecting to it. More VoIP offerings now follow the open SIP standards; this made it possible for developers to create components to enhance the services. Presently we provide the ability to integrate Plain Old Telephony System (POTS or PSTN) to work with VoIP. With this capability, the scope to integrate expands dramatically.
Where an entity may not wish to migrate to an all VoIP network, integrators can offer integration of standard telephone systems into the future of communications – VoIP. Existing PBX systems can be integrated with IP voice systems opening up great communications avenues for businesses.
When integrated using our system, I Collaborator SamePage helps businesses enhance security and meet the most stringent compliance laws.
Our IP PBX is based on the open source Asterisk.
Benefits in deploying I Collaborator SamePage IP PBX with IP, VoIP & POTS systems
  • Integrate existing PBX systems
  • Enhance to provide VoIP capabilities
  • SIP based technology
  • Allow ability to initiate voice calls from any application
  • Bring regulatory compliance into the voice ecosystem
  • Secure and managed convergence of voice and data for enterprise
  • Manage telephony via the web
  • Enhance security - packetized voice is more difficult to hack
  • Monitor calls for quality assurance
 Document Management Systems
Documents within users’ systems comprise of the greatest knowledgebase. There are estimates that 60% of the enterprise knowledgebase lies on users computers and are often forgotten - this document dormancy occurs at a far greater degree than believed. This document dormancy is a sinful loss for businesses, sinful because it does not have to be so.
Knowledgebase could be effectively disseminated with a convenient collaborative infrastructure.
I Collaborator SamePage comes integrated with collaboration capabilities into
  • Microsoft Office
  • Acrobat PDF
  • Context Menu
Benefits in enhancing Document Management System with I Collaborator SamePage Workspace
  • Add real time collaboration capability
  • Automated versioning
  • File exchange logs
  • Policy driven access (limit access, edit, download, etc)
  • Initiate conferences with stakeholders
  • Automated Minutes Of Meetings
Many of the logistics solutions are large and often customized. Such applications especially benefit from integration of real time capability for certain functions. For example, initiate voice or text communications with an agent or a customer from a Bill of Lading; add the ability to collaborate on a proposal from Microsoft Word document, etc. These small enhancements can extend the usability of the application many-fold over. With I Collaborator SamePage, it is simple to integrate components such as these into most any application.
Benefits of integrating I Collaborator SamePage with Logistics solutions
  • Real time alerts to cellular devices
  • Initiate voice and text communications with participants
  • Show presence availability of other users
  • Send files from the logistics application
 Web & Browser Applications
Many of the newer business applications are being created as browser based applications. This makes the applications accessible from anywhere via the web. This standardizes approaches and allows developers the ability to create components that can be used to enhance the application for real-time interaction. Presence & availability, document collaboration, co browsing, file transfer, etc can be simply integrated using I Collaborator SamePage components.
Benefits of integrating I Collaborator SamePage with Logistics solutions
  • Co-browse (non-secure) applications with stakeholders
  • Initiate conferences, share documents and presentations
  • Send real time alerts
  • Log actions of participants
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